Apple released iOS 12 beta 2 see what’s new in the latest beta

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Apple iOS now available in a new mood. You know that Apple decided to release the other iOS major update and now it was succeeded with the release of iOS 12 first beta. Actually, another interesting incident happened immediately. That is the iOS 12 now successfully reached to another goal. “iOS 12 beta 2”. So we can expect the official iOS 12 as soon as possible with most enchanting features and functions.

iOS 12 features

The revelation of iOS 12

When we talk about the iOS revolution, now Apple moved to another special stage of its revolution. Actually, that is iOS 12. According to the announcements of iOS 12 releases, a few days ago Apple released the first beta version for the beta testers and still it not release to the public. But immediately Apple had released iOS 12 beta 2, before the public release of iOS 12 first beta. Actually, there will be a number of more beta versions for iOS 12 and in this September we can hope the official release of iOS 12. But looking through the iOS 12 first beta and iOS 12 beta 2 we can decide that how will iOS 12 looks like or works like.

Anyhow, iOS 12 is a milestone update for iOS versions and it carrying out a collection of significant changes for all the compatible iPhones, iPads and iPod touch. Within the performance iOS 12 first beta and iOS 12 beta 2 must include improvements as well as refinements. When all the betas of iOS 12 get together, those versions includes ARKit 2.0 shared experiences, developed Siri with the ability of accessing third-party apps, Siri shortcuts according to the workflow,Voice Memos, developed Apple News, refinements of search and sharing in Photos, Apple Books, updates to Stocks,manageable notifications, Screen Time parental controls,improved management features such as several updates with Do Not Disturb mode and Memoji in Messages and more.

See what’s new in the latest beta – iOS 12 beta 2

Apple released the iOS 12 beta 2 suddenly with improved features. Actually, still, it not supports for public use and is available for beta testers as the iOS 12 beta one. Actually, this beta 2 can use for all the registered developers and when it released to the public after testing you can use it. But think about the second thought on those bata updates and it is better if you wait until the official release of iOS 12. But if you are still eagerly waiting for this beta, then try those latest features from iOS 12 beta 2 using the beta version when it releases for the public.

New features in iOS 12 beta 2

  • Podcasts app improved and now shows the “Now Playing indicator” when it currently playing chapters. Actually, the chapter supportiveness is new to iOS 12 and it is available from iOS beta 2.
  • News memos app updated with New splash screen.
  • New splash screen available for Screen Time in Settings and includes Down Time walkthrough for parents
  • New arrow launcher feature for Shortcuts in Spotlight
  • iPhone-only apps now supported on iPad and use iPhone 6 version. This is different for iPhone 4 version while using Instagram.
  • We can found Softer location icon in the status bar
  • Here developers removed Time Travel references from watch app > clock

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