Apple seeded iOS 11.4 beta for iOS developers

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Finally, Apple confirmed that they release iOS 11.4 for all the compatible iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices in further days. So Apple seeded iOS 11.4 beta for iOS developers. You know that iOS 11.3 was released a few days ago and now Apple get ready for another major update for iOS 11. Because of the uncomfortable conditions, users now reject iOS 11.3 and they looking for a new change. that’s why Apple decided to design iOS 11.4, instead of iOS 11.3.X versions. That is the iOS 11.4 update. Actually, it is the fourth major update for iOS 11. So we can have a hope that, this will likely serve as the connector between iOS 11 and iOS 12. So this article basically knitting with changes, latest features, release date and beta versions.

iOS 11.4 Jailbreak

Apple seeded iOS 11.4 beta

Actually, as the first step, Apple released iOS 11.4 beta version for the developers. Actually, the iOS 11.4 version is only available for paid developers and the users those who assigned to the beta software program. Actually, it is easy to assign to the beta program, but you required an Apple ID. If you have an Apple ID then it is a free and simple process. Actually this iOS 11.4 beta can carryout errors. But all those anomalies can solve in the final iOS 11.4 official release with more improved features.

New features of iOS 11.4 beta Update

iOS 11.4 is a milestone upgrade. Actually, it is a collection of latest features, bug fixes, security restrictions, and enchantments. So working with this new update makes you more comfortable than ever. Because of the flexibility and efficiency, this version will be the most improved and final release of iOS 11 update. So this is an interesting update for all the iOS 11 compatible devices.

When we talk about the next huge change of iOS 11 update, actually it is connected to ClassKit development framework and finally, Apple confirmed it in the earlier discussion in late March. Actually, what is this ClassKit development framework? ClassKit works with the latest schoolwork app which supported in iPads. So it helps to teachers and students to keep track of their assignments and progress in reports.

The other thing is the current iOS 11.4 beta pairing with Apple HomePod speaker and it will deliver AirPlay 2 and it refreshed long-awaited messages in the iCloud feature.

Finally, the upcoming betas on iOS 11.4 definitely carry out more than these features, bug fixes and other relevant an important security patches.

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