Apple seeds iOS 11.4 public beta update

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You know that Apple always tries to refresh with the latest technology. Therefore they select iOS update as the best promoter to promote their investigations for the users. At this moment Apple decided another latest iOS update and that is iOS 11.4. So Apple seeds iOS 11.4 public beta update for the compatible Apple users and we hope that the iOS 11.4 will release soon. In fact, Apple confirms that new iOS 11.4 is compatible with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and other iDevices. Actually, this is a real surprise, as we do not hope so far another iOS update and it is another milestone upgrade for iOS 11 users.

Download iOS 11.4

What is iOS 11.4?

Actually iOS 11.4 is the fourth major version of iOS 11 and finally, this will be the final iOS 11 updates. So we can define this as the connector between iOS 11 and iOS 12. In fact, it is the last major update for older iDevices such as iPhone 5s. In this article we try to give you about the main idea about iOS 11.4 and how will it looks like, how will it works and iOS 11.4 public beta updates.

iOS 11.4 public beta

You know that beta version is the pre-released version of original versions and normally it released for developers for their further researches. So through a beta, the developer could able make all the missed mistakes. This is same for iOS 11.4 public beta. Actually as earlier times, at this time Apple release iOS 11.4 public beta before the iOS 11.4 official release. Actually this available for paid developers and those in the Beta software program. So what is this beta software program? Actually, it is completely free and simple program and it requires an Apple ID.

Finally, now we have iOS 11.4 public beta 2 and after iOS 11.4 beta 1, Apple released it immediately. Actually, this beta contains a collection of unreleased features. So with that, you can flexible with the latest iOS 11.4.

New in iOS 11.4 public beta

  • Messages in iCloud which was not successful in iOS 11.3
  • The latest Airplay 2 returns with tvOS 11.4
  • HomePod stereo supports returns with the public beta update.

iOS 11.4 release date

Actually, 75% ability for iOS 11.4 release is now available and it will probably release in few weeks in further days. So you have to wait until the official release of the iOS 11.4 public beta is most suitable for developers and those who with a good knowledge on that. Therefore my point is waiting for the official release of iOS 11.4 and then you can use it without any mess.

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