Apple Watch

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Apple Watch vs Sport comparison – iWatch unboxing video


Finally Apple released theirs most personal device, New Apple Watch device to the public. It’s come as a two models such as Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport. So we decides to post about Apple Watch vs Sport quick comparison to let you to judge yourself about both iWatch models. All we know Apple watch package comes as more of premium product like it came from jewellery shop. But Apple to the judge yourself about both iWatch models. Sport Watch box comes with rectangular box like normal expensive watch case.

Watch below for Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport unboxing and comparison video be the judge yourself about both models.


Apple Watch

  • Apple Watch front display covered in sapphire crystal
  • Put back side sensors made up on ceramic plate
  • Charger has a brushed steel casing
  • Comes with square box like jewellery box

Apple Watch Sport

  • Apple Watch Sport front display covered in lon-X glass.
  • Sport watch back side sensors in composite plate
  • Apple Watch  Sport made from 7000 series aluminum
  • Charger has plastic casing
  • Comes with similar size rectangular box

Apple Watch vs Apple Watch Sport

iOS 8.2 and higher iOS versions compatible with all Apple Watch models, You can connect your iWatch to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device and change iWatch wallpapers, Settings and more. Both Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport models are great, but it really depends on what you’re looking for