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What is this Cydia and what can do with install Cydia

first we have to know about What is this Cydia and what can do with install Cydia applications .Cydia is an application and you can use it download and install other Cydia applications to your apple iPhone, apple iPad or apple iPod touch.
then we have to find Can we download Cydia applications without ios jailbreak ?
The answer is definitely NO and don’t trust or believe any person telling you that you can download Cydia and install Cydia without jailbreak And Cydia 1st release month is February 2008.

download Cydia

apple iPhone, apple iPad or apple iPod touch comes with many applications from Apple as YouTube Application , Stocks, Maps, Weather, Clock, Cal, or Messages, Calendar, Photos, Camera, Mail, Safari, Voice Recorder Application , Compass Application Notes, Settings , iTunes , Cydia Application Store,
Cydia have more and more Applications such as games, networking Cydia applications, productivity Cydia applications…etc. Cydia can change the look your iPhone , ipad or ipod

Did you know ? … Cydia meas official Application Store and it have an applications  free & for pay both . Paid applications cost is any where from USD $0.99 – $20
If you need to be buy applications from Cydia > please use Pay Pal or Amazon Payments and credit cards.

Then we learn What is this ios jailbreaking means?

let we know IOS jailbreaking means otherwise  installing Cydia. That iOS jailbreaking process is hundered present legal by the United state government and other all countries .
apple IOS jailbreaking is since 2008 and two kinds of first jailbreak tools released by genius apple iPhone hacker George Hotz, better known as Geo hot.
01 ~ bootrom ios jailbreak
02 ~ userland jailbreak

Now what kinds of Applications available in Cydia

01 ~ your apple devios Syncing over W.i.F.i with download Cydia
02 ~ for fun video games consoles
03 ~ Apple devios restriction on connect to T.V or other devios
04 ~ Bypassing Apple ring tones editor to create your own with download Cydia
05 ~ apple i Phone, apple i Pod touch, or apple i Pad colour Themes to customize the look of your device in yous chouse with download Cydia
06 ~ you can Modifying the your currant iOS or change ios
07 ~ To Downloading files directly for apple i Phone, apple i Pod touch, or apple i Pad with download Cydia

Use the download Cydia applications you can get fellowing features to your apple iPhone, apple iPod touch, or apple iPad

** Now you can use Bigify 3.0 colourfully theams iOS7 to your apple iPhone, apple iPod touch, or apple iPad

** Then you can Remove Date on your iPhone, iPod or iPad Lock screen using Flex2

** And now you can Change labels in settings your iPhone, iPod or iPad using iFile

** Using Fancy now you can Cydia Applications that was meant for your apple i Phone 5c

** Did you Used in KeyBlack Cydia Application you can Make new another keyboard black device wide

** You can enjoy with Blurred Music and vedios

** And you can Speed up your apple iPhone, iPod or iPad with these cydia applications

** Install Hidden Settings for jailbreak iOS 7

** Download Cydia applications and enjoy with Airblue

Now we will see Cydia Applications Cheat Sheet for  jailbreak iOS 7

Cydia download top chart

BiteSMS, Messages+
Winterboard, Dreamboard
Robert Broglia’s
gaming emulators
Octopus Keyboard
Pull to Dismiss
Springtomize 2
PasswordPilot Pro
Hands-free Control
IntelliscreenX, LockInfo
Dashboard X 2.0
Infinifolders, FolderEnhancer

packages iOS 6 into iOS 7 using Cydia Applications

~ You can download iOS 7 Theme for iPhone
~ IOS 7 Bars / Battery and Blurried NC Background
~ CardSwitcher
~ Thin Lockscreen & Folder Enhancer
~ Auxo + old favorite
~ IntelliscreenX
~ Deep End & Byta Font + RobotoLight