CydiaPro Back – All New for Download Cydia iOS 11.4.1

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Making fans distracted there was a long wait in jailbreak chapters since the 11th iteration of Apple operating system debuted. But as expected Min Zheng better known a hacker in Pangu, has recently came out shattering the long interval, introducing the successful first attempt to public iOS 11 jailbreak. So let’s see what Min has brought through “CydiaPro” and how it will effect on download Cydia iOS 11.4.1.

While those hackers and active jailbreak developing teams not seen in the public frame, Min Zheng has come delivering his promise. But as the tool is still in beta stages, he himself warns to stay away from its use if you aren’t an expertise or a developer. In fact “CydiaPro” has some limitations with it which is still not confirmed for fine public use. But however this is a great piece of news for iOS 11.4 users and who are downgrade 11.4.1 to previous as it promises to process 11.4.1 / 11.4 across selected 64-bit devices based on Google’s project zero exploit revealed recently. But the same CydiaPro might expect to work on iOS 12 as the used exploit is anyway patched in the final version release.

Limitations with CydiaPro Tool

  • It is not a GUI based tool like most what you are familiar. In fact it appears in the form of xCode project different from GUI handling which is not easy in the processing
  • As the tool is still in beta level it supports a limited device range across 64-bit
  • Cydia download is the most important download just after a successful jailbreaking. But here we are still not confirmed Cydia install as CydiaPro only come with basic jailbreaking requirements only letting user manually go with additional components
  • Even though there are no confirmations on how will the final tool face, Min confirms it is not a untethered. So there is a big possibility for another semi-untethered similar to older Pangu 9.2 – 9.3.3

As to the revealed facts so far 11.4.1 comes patched with many exploitable bugs including the zero exploit which is used in the new beta jailbreak. But as there are number surprising releases in jailbreak past chapters too, we here can sit tight expecting Cydia 11.4.1. But if you are on previous 11.4, strictly prevent upgrading to latest as there is no proof yet of jailbreak iOS 11.4.1. And as downgrading too not possible as of now, you are better stay safe on 11.4 until Min’s tool come to a stable work condition.

Just like CydiaPro, Pangu, TaiG and all still have chance to come with a new crack. So stay with us to get all fresh updates and feel always free to bring anything you need to sort out.

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