iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak and Download Cydia Status for Latest iOS 11.3.1

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Apple brought iOS 11.3.1 for the public use, few weeks back, after tested it with few betas. They fixed some bugs on iOS 11.3 and released iOS 11.3.1 out. And today we are going to take a look on jailbreaking and Cydia download status of this new OS release iOS 11.3.1. Let’s go through Jailbreak status, iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak demonstrate and download Cydia iOS 11.3.1 chances ahead.

iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak

In the world of jailbreak, the download Cydia options are changing through the updates of iOS. So with the last iOS update, iOS 11.3.1, Apple make it more difficult to jailbreak with the fixes included on 11.3.1. On their earlier release, they mentioned that they have been fixed more issues those were caused to make them jailbreak. Further iOS 11.3.1 contains some enhancements too.

Current Jailbreak State for Download Cydia

We got iOS 9.3.3 untethered jailbreak Pangu as the last untethered method to Cydia download. Anyhow, after that, we have more major and minor iOS updates. But none of them were jailbroken for untethered. But we were enable to download Cydia for them with more other tools and methods. The basic tool for download Cydia on non jailbroken devices is, online Cydia download tool. As we have no any jailbreak method, online tools are the only way to get third-party apps.

Online installers are still available at web to run directly through the iOS devices. And we can use them to download Cydia apps for any model of iPhone or iPad those running on any version of iOS. Online tools support to download and install Cydia for the iDevices as direct profiles for the device. So it not required a specific version or device model. If you own an iDevice, let’s make a try too.

iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak Demonstrate

KeenLab jailbreakers have been jailbroken an iPhone X device running on latest iOS 11.3.1 download to get bundled Cydia third-party applications on it. They have been released several videos to the web via twitter which shows the jailbreak process. The better one is, this iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak update is an untethered one. Still we have no any downloadable jailbreak method to install Cydia iOS 11.3.1 or below recents. And KeenLab also didn’t mentioned any about whether they will release this for the public use or not.

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