iOS 12 Release Date, Features, And News

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With a great effort finally, now Apple introduce their latest iOS update for all over the Apple users. That is iOS 12 and Apple announced about this in the Apple WWDC(Worldwide Developers Conference) on the fourth of July, 2018. So now it is about to release on this September. But by proving the official iOS 12 release, now we can found several beta versions for iOS 12. When examining those beta versions we can categorize the upcoming iOS 12 features, iOS 12 jailbreak possibilities, Cydia download iOS 12 and more.

Cydia iOS 12

With this iOS 12, Apple could able to increase the performance of the iOS. It includes more features to make the iPhones, iPads and other iDevices faster and much more responsive. This effect for all the latest and old iDevices with a huge improvement. So this will be a great delight for all the Apple users with amazing results. If you are from iOS 11 or your iDevice supports for iOS 11 then iOS 12 directly acceptable for your iOS.

Actually, iOS 12 represent the Apple performance and with the iOS 12, they could able to improve some traditional features of the iOS. Here it improved apps launch faster, the keyboard appears faster, and the Camera is quicker to open with iOS 12. However, Apple has optimized the default Apple system when it’s under load and making iOS devices a super faster when performance you need the most. In fact, this iOS 12 not depends on performance improvements. It also includes Memoji, ARKit 2.0, parental controls, Grouped notifications, Group Facetime, health features, Do not disturb mode improvements etc.

iOS 12 Release date

After Apple announced the iOS 12 release announcements they rapidly release iOS 12 betas and now we can found several beta versions. But according to predictions, the iOS 12 release date confirmed in the September as the earlier releases. So if you wish for this miracle update, then you have to wait a few days until the official release.

iOS 12 Features and News

iOS 12 is a collection of latest features and facilities. So we can found several innovations there. Apple introduces the latest customizable Animoji that called as Memoji in this iOS 12. It supports personalize with the look like you. Those effects are included in (Memoji, Animoji) messages and with new Effects on camera. In fact, there are other plenty effects such as,

  • Improved Siri with smarter performance
  • Huge range of automation with first- and third-party apps
  • Do Not Disturb at Bedtime mode. It turns off notifications at night time. So in the night, you can see only time.
  • Do Not Disturb in general mode.
  • Grouped Notifications
  • New Instant Tuning feature
  • Browse feature in Apple News
  • Redesigned the Stocks app
  • iBooks has been entirely overhauled
  • CarPlay with third-party navigation apps

Not only these things. iOS 12 means a lot. So update the iOS 12 could able to fixed earlier troubles as well as performances of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

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