Pangu untethered jailbreak free download 1.0.0 latest version

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Free Download panGu 1.0.0 to iOS 7.1.1 untethered  for jailbreak iPhone 5s

Pangu jailbreak is the best and latest freeware to iOS 7.1 – iOS 7.1.1 untethered jailbreak. Pangu jailbreak is working with any iPhone iPad or iPod running iOS 7.1.x specially iphone 5s, pangu jailbreak released by Chinese jailbreak developer team of iOS 7.1 hackers & currently works only on Windows PC.


Download pangu Mac OX S version will be released very soon. pungu is experienced & certified as a real jailbreak tool by most famous iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak hackers around the world. PanGu jailbreak does not necessarily works in other tools, and the team will carry on to test in the latest future. The famous jailbreak hacker iH8sn0w has been confirmed that is free of spyware & malware, ensuring most proper & stable performance.

The jailbreak developer ”iH8sn0w” has confirmed its ‘fine’

The develpper i0n1c’s twit response to this ‘Pangu’ jailbreak team

Quick facts pangu iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak
  • Pangu Developed by – hacker’s team in China
  • Pangu tool Supported Apple iOS versions – iOS 7.1 to iOS 7.1.1
  • PanGu Now available platforms – Windows xp, win7,win8.
  • Supported idevices -Apple iPad, iPad air, Apple iPad mini, iPhone 4/ iPhone 4S/ iPhone 5/ iPhone 5S/ 5C and iPod touch.
  • Stats this Jailbreak – untethered.

You need to thing about before iOS 7.1.1 pangu jailbreak.

  • Create a complete backup of your iphone, ipod, ipad data using iTunes.
  • Disable your pass code locks & iphone 5s touch IDs.
  • Now you can Download pangu 1.0.0 version.
  • Check battery life on your jail breakable idevices.

 iOS 7.1.1 pangu jailbreak video guide

iOS 7.1.1 pangu jailbreak step’s guide

  1. First connect your idevice to computer
  2. Click on desktop icon and Run pangu. you need Run pangu with administrator.
  3. Let pangu make out your idevice.
  4. Do not be troubled whether you can’t see or read font on pangu jailbreak interface. boundary will be weird otherwise you need to install China language font pack on your computer
  5. Confirm you have unchecked the odd looking test box given below the pangu Jailbreak button.
  6. Then Click Black button (one & only jailbreak button on the border)
  7. Pangu 1.0 jailbreak will start & reboot your idevice after some minutes.
  8. And next pangu will need you to change the Apple idevice date to 2014 June 2 after rebooting. The jailbreak Process will not continue until you do that at Settings >> General > >Date and Time
  9. Done, Process will complete ..Now you can see Cydia icon at the end of pangu Jailbreak.