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Using SemiRestore7 – restore  your iOS 7.1 version  without losing your jailbreak

If you are jailbreaker who has been worried the risk with 10th March 2014 apple iOS 7.1 released. then we were some excellent news for you.
“CoolStar” the developer SemiRestore was just out SemiRestore7 an update version of his tool which add to support for the iOS 7 just in time.
First Semi-Restore release for the apple iOS 7.1.

Download Semirestore7 to windows

Early versions of SemiRestore

  • SemiRestore 1.0 – 22 Juny 2013 SemiRestore7 Initial.
  • SemiRestore 1.0.1 – 23 Juny 2013 SemiRestore Bug fix for when afc2add is/was installed.
  • SemiRestore 1.0.2 – 24 Juny 2013 SemiRestore Addresses a splash screen issue af ter a failed SemiRestore.
  • SemiRestore 1.0.3 – 14 July SemiRestore for Fixes a race condition in 1.0.2 that prevented it from deleting tweaks. SemiRestore Now deletes Provisioning Profiles. SemiRestore Also deletes Configuration Profiles. SemiRestore Replace Assertion Failures with user-friendly error messages. SemiRestore for Fix permission errors on iPad 2 (iPad2,2 and iPad2,3).
  • SemiRestore 1.0.4  Support 6.1.3 – 6.1.5.


download SemiRestore7 support for the iOS 7

SemiRestore7 can approach in useful when you get in to the reboot loop issue your ipod because of problematic or buggy tweak,
which can be regularly power you to restore your apple idevice, that would also mean down the jailbreak. The SemiRestore7 needs OpenSSH
Since it remove the jailbreak tweaks through the restore process SemiRestore can be helpful in such suitcases.
you have to install OpenSSH to your jailbroken apple iOS device, So that you have the one option to restore near stock provision if a little goes to wrong with your jailbroken apple idevice.
Download SemiRestore7 to your Windows xp or Windows7 The Mac & Linux versions confidently be release shortly. find us on SemiRestore7 facebook and  Google+

Semi Restore Video Tutorial

Need few Requirements for download SemiRestore  and restore  your iOS 7

  • 5 -10 minutes
  • OpenSSH installed on your idevice
  • Running Windows or Linux on your pc
  • you need An SSH client on your pc
  • computer with 256 Ram, 1GB Hard Disk space, 500MHz or higher CPU

Download Semirestore7 to windows

What this SemiRestore7 can do

  • you can Uninstall your all  of Cydia download packages
  • you can eacyly Fix host files issue user data
  • remove your all download users data
  • use SemiRestore7 you can Fixes permissions
  • can eacyly Fixes activation issues
  • Fixes iMessage and Face time issues
  • use SemiRestore7 Fixes Safe mode your ipod issues randomly appearing
  • you can Re installs Cydia

What Semi Restore7  does  canot to do

  • can’t Upgrade your apple iOS Version
  • you can’t Downgrade your apple iOS Version
  • can’t Jailbreak your apple iDevice
  • can’t Fix all broken and Systems File

SemiRestore7 research and develop by ;

@coolstarorg – research and development.

@pod2g – apple iOS 5.x jailbreaks.

@evad3rs – apple iOS 6.0-6.1.2, and 7.x jailbreak.

@winocm,@iH8Sn0w, and @SquiffyPwn – apple iOS 6.1.3 and 6.1.5 jailbreak.

#jailbreakqa on free node – inspiration to create semi-restore.

 Restore apple iPhone Without Jailbreak using Semi Restore step by step

  • Step 1: First you need Create Pwnage folder desktop your pc and then Download SemiRestore
  • Step 2: Then open the Semi-Restore and extract to Pwnage folder on your desktop.
  • Step 3: For win – next SemiRestore.exe Run as Administrator on your pc from pop up menu and for mac – right click control+click SemiRestore application & Open from popup menu.
  • Step 4: Then SemiRestore launches, click OK button on popup message > box to continue.
  • Step 5: Next you can Connect your apple iPhone running iOS 5.0 – iOS 6.1.2 to computer & click on SemiRestore
  • Step 6: And next Your idevice will reboot after SemiRestore
  • Step 7: Now your done with SemiRestore process, then click the close button to exit the setup wizard.