Every thing you want to know about iOS 9, OS X El Capitan and Watch OS 2

iOS 9 update

New iOS 9 update bring a new level of Intelligence to the iOS, improvements to the core apps, exciting new iPad features and many more.


Siri – Siri was revamped with a new interface and new name as ‘Proactive Assistant’. This proactivity will be extended throughout the operating system, allowing for useful features such as the ability to learn your favorite workout songs and make recommendations the next time you go to the gym.

Apple Pay – iOS 9 gets the highly-anticipated option for Apple Pay to add Discover credit cards, store credit cards, debit cards and retail reward cards.

Notes app – Now you able to add rich text to a document with new text formatting options and also a drawing tool for adding sketches to a note. Users also will be able to create checklists within a note as well as add a photo from the camera or camera roll using a new image import option.

Apple maps – Apple added public transit information to the Maps app in iOS 9. Siri also will be able to tap into the transit maps feature allowing you to pull up transit directions using the Proactive assistant.

News App –Apple introduced a new app to gathering the news you want most.

iPad improvements – The iPad also will gain support for multi-tasking that allows both a split-screen and picture-in-picture view. Also new to both the iPad and iPhone is a new task switcher to make switching between apps easier.


OS X El Capitan

Apple started its string of announcements by releasing OS X El Capitan, which includes several new features and a handful of improvements to core OS apps and services such as Spotlight, Safari, Notes, Photos and others.

OS X El Capitan

Improved Spotlight Search – New smarter Spotlight Search now includes a resizable window that can be moved around the display. It also included additional information such as weather, sports, stocks, web video, and transit information.

Split View – OS X El Capitan allows new split-screen view for full-screen apps that will allow you to run two Mac apps side-by-side and share content between the windows.

Metal for Mac – Apple introduced Metal for the Mac to improve game performance. Metal will allow the main processor and graphics processor to work together in a way that streamlines system performance.

Revamped Mission Control – Mission control makes it easier to find an open app with a new layout that arrange window previews in a single layer. No windows are stacked or hidden from view. You can even drag open windows between desktop spaces.

Mail Improvements – OS X Mail works looks like iOS Mail app, with a new swipe feature that allows you to manage your mail just like you do on your iPhone.

Photos – Most notable is the addition of third-party editing tools via an iOS like extension feature. When app is supported, you’ll be able to edit an image in Photos using your favorite image editing apps

Notes – Notes on OS X El Capitan will now accept more than just text. You now can quickly create a checklist, add a photo or drop in a link to a website or map.

Maps with Transit – Also similar to iOS 9, Maps on the Mac now will include public information for select cities worldwide.

Safari – There’s also a new option called “Mute All Tabs” that can mute all browser audio. Safari gets a much needed AirPlay feature that allows you to stream video from the browser to your HDTV and a new Pinned Sites option that allows you to keep favorite sites open for later reading.

New International Support – Apple added new system fonts and improved both its keyboard and trackpad handwriting input methods to make it easier for Chinese and Japanese text.


WatchOS 2

Apple also seeded beta version for Apple Watch as WatchOS 2 with support for native apps that will run directly on the Watch. WatchOS 2 also included new Nightstand mode, expand its Workouts app and improve upon its existing Watch Faces.


Nightstand – The new Nightstand mode will automatically display the time and the next alarm when the Watch is charging. When an alarm sounds, the Digital Crown will act like snooze button and the side button will turn off the alarm.

Native App Support – Native app support will make it possible for developers to create apps that can run and process data directly on the iWatch.

HomeKit – Apple is adding HomeKit support to the WatchOS 2. Using this new capability, Apple Watch owners will be able to directly control lights and other HomeKit supported accessories through compatible Apple Watch apps.

Others – WatchOS 2 also will bring updated Apple Maps with Transit information.